Without Knowing How To Save Electricity, You Might As Well Be Tearing Up $100 Bills

Without knowing how to save electricity you’re just blowing your hard earned money.

If you were told at your job that if you spent a little time to learn some new information and you used the information each day, that you would see a substantial raise on your check each month, what would you do?

Would you say no thanks, I’ve already got all the money I need? Well, some of you might be in that position, but if you’re like me I would say great, just tell me what I need to learn and I’m on it.

Well what if I were to say that by starting small and making a few simple changes at home, you could get that raise.

You could easily save 15%-75% a month on your power bills depending on how much effort you decided to put into it

Of course saving money is a great thing, but by following some simple tips you will be doing so much more. You will be making a large contribution to society, that of helping to preserve and keep the environment safe and clean for generations to come.

You may not think that making these small changes would have such a great impact on the environment, but you’re dead wrong.

The effect will be felt through using less energy, which in turn will reduce the amount of pollution given off. This Will happen just by changing a few habits.

Not only that but your contribution however small it might be will influence others around you to change some of their wasteful habits, and they in turn may influence others. The combined “snowball” effect will be far reaching and tons of energy will be saved and tons of pollution will be kept out of the air.

Saving “Green”- Saving The Environment While Saving Money Too

Now if those two reasons aren’t enough to motivate you to do your part, and learn how to save electricity, then I don’t know what would.

So where do you begin. Well, let’s first take a look at where the majority of the power is used in the home.

  • 40%-Heating and cooling your home
  • 30-35%-Lighting and other appliances
  • 20-30%-Heating your water.

The Quickest Way To Save Right Away, Is To Start With The Simplest Things First

So here are some tips on how to save electricity.

1.Change regular bulbs to CFL-Compact fluorescent light bulbs. Last 10 times longer and you’ll save 70% on the energy used from that lamp as soon as you screw it in.

2. When leaving the room, even for just 5 minutes always turn off the lights, and TV. It really can make a big difference.

How to save electricity the easy way. You can install a motion sensor light switch for about $10 that will automatically turn the lights off and on as you enter and leave the room.

3.Use cold water when washing clothes, and wash only full loads whenever possible. 95% of the energy used by a washing machine is used to heat the water.

4. Always power down your computer when you’re finished using them.

5. Watch the thermostat. When running the air conditioner, every degree below 78 increases energy use by 3-4%. So by keeping it set to 78 degrees when at home and 85 when you’re away, will go a long way to save electricity.

6. Be sure your attic is properly insulated and well ventilated. You could be spending a tremendous amount of money heating a home that is loosing heat through the attic, or cooling a home that is too hot because of the hot air in the attic is heating up your home.

7.Install a power conditioner. Ever notice how your TV or other appliances can get hot when its running. Chances are that more power is being supplied to this appliance than is needed to actually run it, and that extra power is just being wasted.

With a power conditioning device, it will send only the exact amount of energy to each appliance that that is needed to run it, saving the excess power. To find out more information on how to save power with these devises, plus a video demonstration, click here.

8.We mentioned that 20-30% of your homes costs go to heating your water. Well you can take a decrease that quite a bit by lowering the thermostat on your hot water heater to 120 degrees. This is a great way to save electricity.

If you want to really slash into the cost of heating your water and save up to 30% on your energy bills for an investment of less than $100, you can easily learn how to build your own solar hot water heater. If this interests you then click here to learn more.

9. How to save electricity with the use of outdoor solar lighting By using these lights you can eliminate this nightly energy drain completely. Another plus about using these lights is that they don’t require wiring, so you can put them anywhere that a little sun shines in the day, and light up those areas that you typically couldn’t with traditional lighting. To explore more information on outdoor solar lights click here.

Renewable Energy

Once you start saving some money on your energy usage, you can step it up and really start to save electricity by making use of renewable energy, like using home solar panels and even wind energy.

Of course buying and installing these types of systems will sure save you a ton of money, but they can be expensive. You can spend $10,000- $20,000 or more for a complete solar system.

You will get a large portion of that back in tax right offs from the federal and state incentives, but there is still a substantial outlay of cash up front.

There is a way however for you to get solar and wind power for less than a couple hundred dollars and save anywhere from an additional 30-80% on your power bills. To see more about this, check it out here

101 Secrets On How To Save

These are just a few suggestions to help you save a tremendous amount of money on your energy bills.

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