Solar Pool Covers Will Increase The Temperature In Your Pool And Save You Money!

Solar pool covers will increase the temperature in your pool by 10-15 degrees, thereby extending your swim season. If you are heating your pool with gas or electric heat you will also see reduced heating costs up to 75%.

Most of the heat in the pool is lost by evaporation. The swimming pool solar cover will trap that heat in the pool, and while doing this will also save on pool chemical usage by up to 50%, saving you even more money.

Pool Solar Cover

How Does A Solar Cover For Your Pool Work?

A pool solar cover is made from a film of thousands of tiny bubbles, or air pockets similar to the bubble packing material that everyone likes to pop. This material however has been designed so that it is very thick and the air bubbles cannot be popped.

The pool cover absorbs the suns heat during the day, and exchanges its warm heat with the cool air coming off the pool. With full sunlight, you can expect about a degree a day of warming so in about 7-10 days you should see a temperature change of around 10 degrees.

So the pool is warmed by day in direct sunlight, and then the heat is trapped in at night so it cannot evaporate, along with the chemicals in the pool.

Another benefit from using a swimming pool solar cover is that it will block leaves and other debris from getting into the pool.

Solar Pool Cover

If you are already heating your pool with gas or electric heat or perhaps a solar pool heater, then using a solar pool cover will help keep the heat in the pool longer, and maintain it at a warmer temperature.

You may also want to consider using a portable storage reel to roll the cover onto when it is not in use. This makes covering and uncovering the pool a one person operation.

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