Using Portable Solar Power On Your Next Camping Trip Will Spoil You!

Portable solar power use for your next camping trip or hiking expedition will bring the comforts of home to your campsite.

Even if you you're not interested in having those comforts at your campsite, using solar power will provide that extra measure of safety by insuring that you will always have power for your communication devices, just in case of an emergency.

Technology has allowed small, light and powerful solar panels to be produced to power all kinds of camping accessories and appliances.

Freestanding Solar panels that can keep all of your devices and small appliances charged, are made small enough and light enough to throw in a back pack and not weigh you down.

When it comes to your choices of portable solar panels you have a range to choose from. You can buy flat solar panels, flexible panels that roll up, or solar panels that fold up. All of these are smart choices, is just boils down to which one is going to be the most convenient and easy to carry and pack for you.

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Now You Can Have All The Power You Will Need, Right At Your Campsite

If you are looking for the ultimate in the comforts on your camping excursion, then you need to check this out. There is a solar generator, the Brunton Solo Storage, that is very light and small that you can take with you to store enough power to run you computer, a TV, or other small appliance for hours on end, and recharge when the sun is shining.

Some of the portable solar powered devises you can now choose from for your camping trip are:

  • Solar Radio
  • Soalr Lantern
  • Portable Solar Camping Generators
  • Solar Fans
  • Solar Water Distiller
  • Solar Powered Battery Charger

You never have to be without a charged up camera or phone or be without a radio, laptop or tv, unless of course this is your purpose of being on the camping trip. The choice is yours.

Be sure to check out the "Special Package Deals" we have below on the Solar Panel and Generator Combos, along with some other great extras in the package to prepare you for your next excursion.

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