Are There Any Legitimate Income Producing Opportunities Out There?

After trying many different income producing opportunities over the years, I am usually a bit skeptical when I come upon any business opportunity, and when I do I want to know all I can about it.

Now I usually take more than my share of time investigating them, because I have been burned before when I didn’t take enough time to really look into what was being offered.

Since starting my own design business several years ago, I make sure that I do all I can on the front end of the design process to ensure that sales will be good, IF the customers are there on the back end.

Yet over the last few years, what I and many others have witnessed is that with the declining economy, retail sales have dwindled as well. One thing is for certain, I have no control over that.

Yet I knew I needed to find a way to generate some residual income that would be consistent, to supplement my other income until we get a healthier economic environment. Which may be some time from now.

Site Build It!

Too Many Dreams To Leave The Future To chance.

I started exploring ways I could generate some extra income. That led me to finding several programs on how to sell on Ebay. I read about how all of these guru Power Sellers were making terrific money doing this and had their own Ebay stores.

I dove right in and started reading everything I could get my hands on to make money with this and become the next power seller.

Well one of the first things I discovered is that unless you can buy something at a rock bottom price, or you already own it, then you are going to have very stiff competition and a tough time making money this way.

So that led me to ways to find products that I could sell. This took me through a maze of scams and all kinds of programs until I found one that was very reputable, Worldwide Brands. I signed up with them and started looking for products that were in hot niches and found some suppliers.

I signed up with quite a few suppliers in different niches and found that even when buying at wholesale, I still couldn’t compete in the EBay market.

So I gave up on trying to sell on Ebay or even opening an Ebay store. It just didn’t make any sense.

Where To Go Next?

Then I remembered that I had run across SBI a year or so earlier and went back to check it out again.

I immediately engrossed myself into all the information I could find about them and particularly wanted to know about how others were doing with their own SBI sites and their experiences. I found out that the negative Site Build It scam reviews were a lie put on by competitors. Here's what I found.

Before I decided to go with SBI I checked into all kinds of other web hosting companies, and different options for building a website, including Yahoo and many, many others.

I have never had a website and certainly didn’t know anything about building one. I found there were plenty of programs out there that would let you build you own site quickly, but I also found that you just can’t build one and hope somebody finds it.

Back and forth and back and forth I went trying to find one that was as good or better than SBI . I realized that SBI had far and above the best and simplest solution for building a website under one roof.

They made the technical and complex maze of how to get your site found by all the major search engines, not only simple, but automatic.

Do you think you can build a website just anywhere and be successful? Judge For Yourself.

Site Build It!

After coming back to SBI and comparing them to all the other so called web building solutions out there, and thoroughly checking them out, I knew I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this a try.

I have to say that one of the first things I liked about Site Build It, is that they don’t make any claims that you will get rich in a few short months if you just build a website with them.

They let you know it is going to take some planning and work, but you can be successful if you follow a simple step by step process they have laid out for you.

They boil everything down to simple concepts while automating much of the technical details associated with building a website, from coming up with the site concept to web hosting to providing an extensive set of tools that help you build traffic and generate residual income.

Today SBI has thousands of Raving Fans, customers who have built their own income generating sites about all kinds of topics, and have created new lifestyles and new careers for themselves.

I can honestly say that today I am one of those fans.

Here's HOW SBI has created so many loyal raving fans and how they make the process of building your own income generating site very simple.

If you prefer you can also watch a Video

Getting Started

When I decided on my topic that I could be passionate about, and one that I felt I could make a difference with, I got started building my website.

I like the self taught method of reading and watching the videos to guide me through the entire process.

But another thing I really like about SBI is that they give you an option of how you can learn and build your own site. Since each of us learns in different ways this is very helpful.

You can do it like I did and learn at your own pace by yourself or you can take part in their E-Learning Course where they will walk you through a step by step a 12 week online education course, and teach you how to build a thriving business.

If this is how you learn best, and would like guidance through the entire process then you should Check It Out For Yourself.

There is another great option to building your website that SBI offers as well.

If a person has an offline business and needs to have a website, but just doesn’t have the time to do it themselves, then the experts at SBI will build a website for you.

They will build a Website for you that will drive targeted traffic each and every day and will supplement your existing business income, and perhaps even surpass it.

SiteSell Services

A Life Changing Experience

I have to say that finding Solo Build It has been one of the most liberating experiences that I’ve ever had. In fact as we speak I am starting to build my second website and I already have a blueprint for the third one I want to build.

My dreams are alive and well today, and I know that it is only a matter of time when I will be financially free. To me being financially free is living and saving off of the residual income from my websites, without having to worry about the JOB supporting me and my family.

If you have any question about Solo Build It at this point then please Go Here and all of your concerns will be taken care of.

If you’ve heard enough and your satisfied that this too can be your “AHA” moment in your life, when you know you have found something that will liberate you too, then get started right now and

Begin Your Journey

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